hye my name is anis azureen, go to hell!
saya sayang awak, awak sayang saya, saya tak sayang awak, awak tak sayang saya.
saya rindu awak, awak rindu saya, saya tak rindu awak, awak tak rindu saya.
saya cintakan awak, awak cintakan saya, saya tak cintakan awak, awak tak cintakan saya.

hmm no one could understand what i feel now, what is inside and what i've faces now. maybe this is the way of my life and maybe i know the reason why certain parents doesnt allow their children fall in love. why? because of broken heart. Yess exactly, i know all the parents love their children very much so they dont want their children to feel how it so hurt when someone break our heart as how i feel right now. No one will understand but atleast i've sent my massage towards the teenagers. k look, parents bukannya tak bagi nak couple atau bercinta but diorang terlalu sayangkan anak deme, so deme tak nak anak ni rasa sakit hati, kecewa, sedih and all. Believe this, takde sorangg ayah and mak pun nk tnguk kita nangis all time.

Ayah :" ayah bukan tak bgi nk bercinta ke ape, mmg perasaan tu dah diturunkan dari Allah kepada kita, cuma anis muda lagi. ayah sayangkan anis( he kiss on my cheek)"

now i understand ayah, and i've feel right now. can anyone fixed it? never peeps :')
why its too hurt for me, why me?
Be strong anis azureen, anything happen you have to go on with your life as usual if its so hard. try the best!
you waste your tears niss, no one will know you're crying, no one will know what you feel and no one will know you're not okay, k ahh aku tak batak pun nk bercouple and aku tak desperate sangat. so watlek sudehhh ;'D cheer up!