3months feel like 3 years

k beto, until when anis kena tunggu beto. beto tahu tak anis sayang beto sangat sangat, anis sanggup buat apa je untuk beto termasuk ketepikan perasaan sakit hati ni sbb anis tkde hak nak larang beto apa apa. anis kena ikut beto sbb anis nak beto. anis nak dapatkan beto. anis nak kita mcm duluuu. dulu dgn skrg dah lainnnn. lainn sangat sangat. duluu, beto sanggup buat apa je untuk anis, sanggup berkorban untuk anis, susah payah untuk anis. beto jaga aniss. apa brg beto yg lawa yg beto bru beli kalau anis nak mesti bagi. beto sayang anis. anis rindu semua tuuu. anis nak beto yg dulu and anis nak kita yg dulu. hubungan kita stop smpai 16 bulan jee. sekarang? takde dah semua tuu. anis jadi tk penting untuk beto. semua syaznii :'( beto tak sayang anis dahh. beto susah nak terima anis balikk. anis janji dgn diri anis, anis nak setia, nak serious, nak sayang beto.bila kita nak jadi mcm duluuuu. anis takda kwn, anis tk penting untuk beto. dgn siapa anis nak bergantung. anis tahu anis tak secantik ex ex beto,anis tak secantik kwn kwn pmpuan beto. tpi anis sayang beto sngt sngt. anis nak jadi org yg paling special dlm diri beto balikk. anis tunggu beto. beto tak percayakan anis dah. tiap tiap malam anis nangis, tiap tiap malam anis menyesal dgn perbuatan anis duluu. beto tak sayang anis ke? anis nak kita mcm duluuu :'( please come backkkkk Ahmad Khairil Anuar :'( i need youu and i miss youu badly! bby love b a lotttt. bby nak b tahu bby syg b sngt sngt. bby tak nak berpisah dgn b, bby tak boleh hidup tanpa b. b dgr takkkk... :'(

My Strenght

Nur Fariha bt Fariz

The time has come, you are going to say goodbye, it'll hurt me but i'll accept it and smile to hide the pain, with the hope that we meet again :')

Im gonna miss you so much eventhough i know we can meet again but not in school. No more noises i can hear from you anymore! I takkan dengar mulut bising you tuu dah, siapa nk buli i lagi, siapa nk cubit i lagi and dekat siapa i nak merepek repek sorang? siapa nak dengar problem i. Since first im in convent, there is just you always besides me, always make me laugh and make me feel im the most happiest girl ever! Babe, eventhough we're not so close but i just want to say thanks for everything! thankyou so so muchhh and sorry for all my mistake from top to toe. i know my weakness caused we're not close anymore.Btw sorry i've take your pencil haha simpan buat kenangan :')

Do you remember, the first time we chat on facebook and i told you i will come to your school and be one of the smc student? you're the first person know and you're the most excited person kan? Now, im the saddest person to know that you will leave me! eventhough im not crying or huging you or something else but deep in my heart im crying farie. i wont show to you caused i know im not so important for youu yeah hahah :') nevermind! As long as we remain as true friend, distance can never separated us kan farie :')

Fariha, take a good care of yourself! anything help or anything you need, im here and always here for youu. We're goodfriends kan! Goodluck for your study and for your PMR next year. 2cempaka will always miss you girl ;') Im so so so sorry for all my mistake and for all my wrong that i've done to youu. Im gonna miss youu so muchh :( if balik rumah opah just call me, i'll come and see youu. Have a nice day farie and hope to see you again insyaallah. God bless you! :'(

-nur anis azureen(joreen)-