friends of friends

Friends are everything!
act its so hard for us to explain what is mean by 'friends are everything'
many type of friends now, goodfriends or badfriends.
We have tu ensure that our friends now is a goodfriends nor badfriends, once he/she kill you, you will die. Behave!

For me friends is someone who will be with us when the time we sad, happy or sick. But certain friends for me just give a burden and always killing me. Believe me, how hurted i am and how you guys really hate me so muchhh, i dont even care as long i still called you guys 'friends'.

Cha syg, we both on same situation and just believe this is just a test from God to us and we have to be strong. Maybe there's a reason on what had happen. Anything just tell me and i'll be there for youu anytime. Dont waste your tears k. Let all flew away this night and forget the passes. Calm down baby and i love youuu so much nicha yap sister sister :')