Hello baby :')
jujur i cakap, i miss youuu so muchh.
our 15 month anniversary is coming up soon and i guess i will celebrate it alone,
im happy when i see you happy with another girl :')
she's more pretty and more better than me, i've nothingg compared to she.
if i got just only 10 seconds to meet youu for the last time,
i want to hug youu and i want to say that i miss youuu, but i know i cant get it.
nevermind, im just hoping that you will come into my dream :)
this note is for youuu beto;
pleasee take a good care of yourself and take good care of your new girlfriend,
i hope you guys will happy together always and last longg.
make your new gf happy as you do to me okay :')
since i was with youu, many things i've done together with youuu, sweet memories never be forget.
i appriciate it so much eventhough its just for awhile,
but i cann feel the happiness when im with youuu.
do it to your girlfriend as how we go through along the relationship together, why not your new girlfriend can feel it :)
dont hurt her feelingg okay, im happy for youuu :')
for asyiqin;
hey girl, please take a good care of him and make him more love youuu,
forgive him if sometimes maybe he a bit rude but i know, he will never done it with no reason.
just be patient okay.
my hope is just same, you guys happy and last longg.
nothingg much to sayy, im happy to see you guys :')
i dont mind if you guys want to make a relationship, just chill and stay cool.
cheer up ;D

God, only you know everything about me, everything about what i feel and i need youu now.
my happiness is to see my family and friends happy, always smiling, laughing :')
about only 5 days i've breakk up with my boyfriend and i am alone
but i know, this is the real life and i have to face all this no matter how it looks like,
i will accept all those things happen to me and for now,
i have to be happy even its so hard,
friends, sorry if the happy that i show to you all is a fake, i hope you guys understand my situation right now and thanks for struggle to make me happy but im so sorry, for now i just can show the fake me and the fake happy.
i love youu, i love family, i love friends and i love God :')

lots of love;