Anak ayah Razali ♥

K nurfatin syafiqah tomel tiut alolol cayang cayang hihi LOL,
Kaka Bymuk, saya rinduu awak lahhh, awak apa khabar? i know you always sihat haha.
its been so long we've been together and we never meet yet and i know one day we will meet and thats the first memories i will remember it HEHE. sorry for all my mistake, i've hurted youu all days and always makes you cry. i dont like to see people keep crying about me seriously! you always in my mind kak and you know what, actually kak mira have told me somethingg about you. Emm hospital! remember? doctor said emm forget it. hmm before that happen to youu, adek nak ambil masa kita ni untuk bersama kaka puas puass and we will meet, i promise! hm anything just to be strong ok kaka and even one day you will forget about me and about us, you always be my kaka forever. For now, im here for you kaka and i just want you to be strong if there anything happen and i always be with youu kak :') Bymuk cayang, i love you damnly!