My Strangers

its all about us when we first met, fall in love and everything we do together since we go through along our relationship. Yeayy! we make our date. not a date(dating) its a date (tarikh) yeahh its 24042010. how nice is our date right? im proud to say that you're the present on my 30th April birthday! so much memories we got here, yeahh memories that will never be forgetable until when when! you know what, we were so close. eventhough we're nothing, we're not gonna forget each other and still call, msg, meet never missed just once :') awwhh you're so sweet when i see how hard you want to get me back! baby trust me, my heart is just for youu and saje je jual mahal kikiki. when i think back, we've been 16 months together and we've done all of our stage together and end up together hmm. if life separated us, we're not together and things will never be the same without youu. We got 7 stage that we have to go through along the relationship and we do it but i dont even want to go through along stage 7 because its hurt me so much and im scared of losing youu in my life! our life began through the stage....

Nur Anis Azureen ♥ Ahmad Khairil Anuar

#stage 1: Meeting
its twenty-four of April two thousand ten, we meet in Jusco and have a worst day haha, i dont know but its really worst to see youu ahhh so arrogant that time i was like 'fuck off'. okay its sincerely from my heart, before we meet. we have know each and other and that time my heart has just open up for you err i think so. so i meet youu, but then so sad because we didnt talk or have a nice conversation. but its okay, we have got a nice conversation in mobile phone yeah nice kot.

#stage 2: The Chase
All i want is to know more about him, all i want to do is hangout with him, the only person i want to talk to was him, he was the number one part is and everytime i saw him butterfly in my stomach haha. he was everything that i thought can be a prefect boy ever and this is felt when you ask me to be your girlfriend :') and i say i do. with this simple word, we began our relationshp to stage 3.

#stage 3: Honeymoon
This time is the time when we both got to know each other and trying to accept each other. yeahh maybe we havent do this stage like those couple but its okay, i know we'll go through one day. I have to accept that the person i think this bad bad guy on the first we meet is my boyfriend.we go through along our relationship with our daily life together. hangout together, having a lunch, breakfast together. many time we meet up and i will never forget day by day the moment we together everyday we meet. when everyday we meet up and do our daily life everyday hmmm its just like now no more healthy couple. we enter the stage 4.

#stage 4: comfortable
now, being comfortable is a silly bad. its like being ourself. but then depends on what we doing is comfort. Okay straight to the point, is like we both being ourself before we've made this relationship. okay dulu, we will never missed our meet up but now one of us just keep skipping our time together. Each other busy doing own things, my call or his call never pick. the most missed call i got from him is 82 times awhhh pity him :'( so we began stage 5

#stage 5: Tolerance
somehow, the most guy i crazy about a year a go has turned up be wasnt that special anymore when we both fight together, you seemed so boring with me. you always scold me but then for me, you always be my everything that people wont know how special are you towards me. normally, i like that boy but sometimes we have a bad date yeahhh! we try many time to try make changes,we try to fix things to make it better like so many couple out there but it isnt enough. it wasnt bad but it wasnt great and let me tell you there is no idea to describe our relationship.'every relationship might be have a third person'. it was long until we reach stage 6.

#stage 6: Downhill
we always fight and having a bad conversation. both of us seemed so bored each other especially you. i dont know what is my fault and where is the wrong i did. i no im not perfect for you and i hate for being myself towards you baby. its a year and 5months we have been together. but then the saddest things happen. the worst stage for me that all people can go through this. i dont event know that we both could reach this stage. baby trust me, my heart will never let you go. im hurted. then we reach the worst stage ever hmmm please God, dont separated us. stage 7 :(

#stage 7: Breaking up
i dont know why is all happen and how but i hope we can be living good. 'i think this is the best' my mouth talking, ' fine' a words i hear from youu :( then we start our life like past. now you've be my strangers again. B, i miss youuu and words cant describe how much i miss youuu and how suffered i am. like i say, things will never be the same without you. my day wasnt incomplete. everything i do always wrong :/ i enjoy all my night is wasnt sleeping and have a sweetdream but then im just crying all day.

Then its been awhile since im not on net then today i decided to on my facebook and see what happen to world. okay the first i see is 'his' profile and OMG! can i die now? :'( baby how could youu, you make a new relationship? are you crazy? cant you think if i can accept all this? cant you think all this can make me so hurted? cant you think this can make me cry, sick? CANT YOU? this is why im not prefer to end up my relationship :( i cry for youu when the time i have to face all this, i meet you with your new girlfriend yeahh hey guys! ok bye :|

Hmm everything we share can just be a memories we together. the things you give me and the things i give youuu, all those stuff now can just be in a box and i wish i could turn back to the last time. yeahh our past!

Since you have realize your mistake and now forget our past and we trying to make a relationship like usual. this things happen before somehow in stage 4. we always having a really nice and lovely conversation, you were seem so different and im comfortable with your new. every moment we're togther is like im in heaven awhh :') everytime i am with you, i was thankful to have youu in my life and i hope you too kiki :')

Beto, im so glad we have each other in our lives. i know that no matter what, we'll make it through and will always have a nice day together! i love you so much even words cant describe how much i love youu! Forever you :) J ♥ B

little note;
"and even when we both get over the past,and try to remain friends, the things will never be the same" damn true!

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Anis Azureen (me)
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