story will never end

Assalamualaikum for all muslim readers and hello for non-muslim, so since im not blogging for a while i just want to take an advantages to shared with you all about my life now. Its all about Anis and takda tokoktambah. Okay first of all i want to say that i really miss my kakak fyy a lot. When are you going to meet me haa bunced? i know my attitude since2 or 3 days ni agak weird and like didnt care about you kann? Sorry kakak i dont meant to do that maybe is because im too busy or i've something to settle but i think tak sangkut paut kan about my own problem. yeahh like you know my problem i shared with you kannn? for now nothing happen and everything good. Nurfatin Syafiqah, i love youu sister :)

okay abg Azrul, damn abg, you're the best brother i never had you know.Maybe duluuu i think you're so damnly suck! and you're just a troublemaker but im wrong. Tahu tak act abg sporting cuma Anis takut dekat abg, ahaa funny kan? so now you're just like my bestfriend and my bestbrother ever, boyfriend pun boleh jadi err k mengarut. k yesterday, first time abg pergi friendly match for futsal lawan dgn team beto kan? before this Anis asyik cerita jee but both of you have to accept the facts that korang anak buah abg syed eeee k shut up bulan puasa ;D
so abg, sorry atas kekalahan you k, so dh terbukti beto kuat lagi :p hahaha
anything happen, Anis always love abg Azrul a lot and will never stop until my last breath! Muahhhh abg :)

okay next about my one && only sunshine TYRANIS,
hey Athirah bt Jasni Harishan/Lepek, Happy Birthday and may Allah bless youu always. thanks for being my awesome goodfriends for 4 years, nk masuk 5 years dah pun ;)
in 1 million friends, you're the one i love most and we just like family kan? i've know your family and you know mine. Your family is my family too okay ;) so Happy Birthday again syg, nanti kita celebrate okay syg. ingat tarikh ni 3/1/2007 always. I Love You So muchh lepek :)

#Maddi Jane, okay this is facts. yess i like Maddi Jane and i adore her but yeahh some people would like to open their mouth and say that my face seriously like Maddi Jane. Hello guys, i just adore her and i love her voice but my face? eeee gelinyaaa dengar. Okay Maddi Jane is much better and much pretty than me k and nothing same between us Sangat Sangat takde kaitan. so im not Maddi Jane okay muchlovessss :)

ohh btw we're at the end of my story, Anis nak minta maaf dekat siapa siapa yg Anis pernah buat salah, just believe Anis tak pernah sengaja nak buat kesalahan tu. And sorry if i've wrong from start this post till the end ni or maybe a bit rude just bergurau tkda maksud lain okay :)
Thanks for reading and thanks for being my follower, you're the best readers ;)

Nur Anis Azureen