friends are everything

Lilly Billy && Athirah Sidik :)
hey friends, i just wanna tell you both that i feel weird when both of youu like didnt care about me and dont wanna friend with me. Why haa? if i've mistake with you both pleaseee im beg forgive me. i dont have anyone just both of you in school. no one will treat me as special as you guys did, no one will accompany me anywhere i go and no one will understand me like how you guys did. come on if there anything or i've hurted you guys, im really sorry and i love you guys so much! Please dont make me like this. i need you guys now haihh seems like i've so many problem in life and i cant face it all alone. K bahasa melayu pulak -.- you know i rasa tersisih and rasa mcm korang banyak berahsia dgn i. if ade ape ape just share, kalau tak nak takpe tk paksa. tpi jgn lah buat i mcm ni, maybe untuk korangg, korang dh layan i mcm biasa hmm yeahhh maybe prasaan i je tpi i cant see the real lilly and athirah. hmm agaknya kalau i takda dekat sekolah tu lagi aman hidup korangg. you will never missed me guys. Duluu even cuti weekends lilly dh post dekat wall rindu ape semua. OKAY FINE I DAH SERABUT NI, ACT TAK PERLU PUN BUAT MCM TU CUMA I JE MANJA ALAHAII HM SORRY LILLY AND ATHIRAH. I JUST TELLING YOU WHAT I FEEL OKAY MUCH LOVESSS :* BYE

little note;
hello syg, can you please stop everything and live your life? pleasee i ada perasaan jugak and tolong jgn seksa i. dont ever make me suffered pleasee, i cant stand anymore :')
p/s : not for lilly and athirah