Message from tut.

Since little sis have'nt been on net for a while , would like to post a little bit of something to entertain her blog readers. Its a little bit about how big my love is for her. We are absolutely related. We are sisters. Lol thats obvious. So like how I started up there , just wanted to tell the whole world about how much I love her. Do you know how much your love is for your mum? Thats how big my love is. But pardon me cause my love for her will never beat the gazillions of love for me to Allah.

Everyday I see her face which I can really assume Cute and pretty. As we grow up , I started to teach her how to learn. And gladly she learn from me well. Everytime when I see her doing some stuffs , I would tell myself about how proud I should be to see her grow up into that alien. I realise we fight a lot , talk vulgar and even play shits on each other , but we both know that no matter what happens through thick or skin , high or low and easy of complicated , the world would'nt ever turn around without anyone of us. I love her and yes I do admit I need her.

It does'nt matter if I have to solve all her problems she is enduring with. I don't care with the wet she made through her tears. I dont even bother hear her cry disorderly cause no matter what happens I want her to know that , thick and skin , I will always be there and nothing can break us apart unless death arrives. Everyday , even if I am in a bad situation , I would pray to Allah to bring me with her if her time comes up but I beg Allah to leave her alive when my time comes up. No one will ever know how big is my love for you , but seek Allah cause it between me and Allah that knows about everything.

My message to people who is looking after her or is welcomed into her life , I would like to tell you that : If you ever try messing around or even joke around with my little sister , mark my beautifully vulgar word which I made nicely for you bitch and asses. If you think you're big enough , stab your own self. Take a video cause I really mind watching a video of yours while enjoying my ribena. *Evilsmile* And mark this word in your effing brain , I will pray to Allah about how suffering death will hunt you if you ever try mess with Anis Azureen. Sorry for any convenience. Thank you and no joke.